Rural infrastructure

Attracting, training and retaining talent for a thriving, productive industry

For farms to thrive and become more productive, they need reliable rural infrastructure and effective business models.

Future proofing farming and achieving faster productivity growth will involve improving these underpinning business 'enablers', including:

  • Communications and transport networks
  • Energy supply
  • Infrastructure within farm businesses themselves
  • Farm business models and structures


The Rural Infrastructure Group is:

  • Setting out the industry's case for government action on rural connectivity and electric networks to support agricultural productivity (and wider rural economy).
  • Setting out the industry's case for tax changes to drive agricultural productivity growth
  • Reviewing different business models and structures to inspire change and identify actions from government.

In May 2022, the group launch a free handbook offering independent, impartial advice to help farmers plan for the future during this time of change for the industry.

The Business Models Handbook provides up-to-date, practical advice on business planning and innovation for improved productivity and profitability. It is relevant to those seeking to enter, diversify, expand or even retire from their farming enterprise.

Business models to unlock future farming potential handbook »

Who is leading this work?

The Rural Infrastructure Group is chaired by Chair: Susan Twining, Chief Land Use Policy Adviser, CLA. The group is supported by a range of industry organisations and businesses.

Find out more

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Last reviewed: 10 May 2022