The Institute for Agriculture & Horticulture

Attracting, training and retaining talent for a thriving, productive industry

The need for a workforce with the appropriate skills for productive and sustainable farming has been highlighted by a number of industry initiatives over recent years.

As the industry undergoes significant change, farmers and growers are seeking to ensure their businesses are profitable and sustainable for the future while addressing the environmental concerns of Net Zero and the recovery of landscapes and nature.

At all levels of farming and growing, success will require a sufficient workforce with the appropriate skills, so business owners and their employees will need to confirm and enhance their existing skills and, in many cases, acquire new ones.

There is evidence of a clear link between farm management, training and productivity. In the UK, around a third (32%) of farm managers have undertaken any formal training. In Germany, which is ahead of the UK in terms of agricultural productivity, the figure is 68%.

What is being done?

Work is now underway to establish an inpirational new professional body, The Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (TIAH).

TIAH will help support and transform the industry so that it is universally capable of creating profit and protecting the planet.

As a professional body and the home of skills for the industry, TIAH will make it easy for both employers and employees to look for suitable training options in order to develop skills, careers and businesses.

It will set up an independent professional framework of competencies and qualifications around job roles and ensure future training is more employer-led.

TIAH is all about collaboration - it will not replace exisiting provision but will be an umbrella body for all existing and new education and training providers and work with partners to make key information more accessible.

Who is leading this work?

The APTF Skills Group integrated with the Agri-Hort Skills Leadership Group to develop the TIAH concept.

As plans progressed, a TIAH Development Board was established in Autumn 2020, with members from a number of indutry bodies and businesses.

In November 2020, Defra commited in its Argricultural Transition Plan to support the Institute's develpment. This is enabling the Development Board to progress implementation plans with an anticipated launch in 2021.

Find out more

TIAH is keen to work with all levels of the industry as plans for the Institute progress. If you would like to be kept up to date with news and opportunities to take part, please contact

Last reviewed: 01 Mar 2021