The Agricultural Productivity Task Force

Industry and Government driving productivity improvements together

A word from the Co-Chairs

The Agricultural Productivity Task Force (APFT) is a collaboration between the agricultural industry and Government to bolster the productivity of farming and growing.

It brings together industry and Government to jointly design and deliver policy change that supports sustainable productivity in England.

The APTF is delivering on the recommendations made by the Agricultural Productivity Working Group in its February 2020 report.

Areas of focus

The APTF is focusing on five key questions:

Where can farmers access independent evidence to support their business decisions?
Which tools can help farmers understand what to focus on to improve their businesses?
How can access to training be improved to help enhance the skills of farmers and their staff?
What is required to get useful new technology and innovation onto farms faster?
How can we improve digital connectivity and electric networks, and inspire change in farm business structures and investments?

Aims of the APTF

  • To facilitate government and industry collaboration to co-design and co- deliver policy change in relation to sustainable productivity in agriculture, in England.
  • To monitor progress against the recommendations made by the APWG in its published report, and a mechanism for reporting back to the FDSC as needed.
  • To provide a vehicle for effective industry ownership and leadership of productivity drivers that lie within its collective control.
  • To provide a neutral space for the voice of the industry to be heard in relation to sustainable productivity policy proposals.
  • To facilitate and mobilise mindset change in the industry
  • To facilitate the ongoing gathering of evidence of key areas of market failure, success stories and new opportunities, to support targeted and effective policy development.
  • To facilitate regular direct engagement between industry bodies and Defra, to hear updates from both industry and government and to strengthen relationships.

Structure and membership

Co-chaired by Industry and Defra representatives, the APTF's wide membership represents all sectors of agriculture and horticulture, along with Defra and BEIS. The Secretariat is led by AHDB.

Full members list

APTF meetings

The APTF meets at least every two months, with sub-group meetings held in-between.

Meeting minutes

How to contact the APTF

For information about any part of the APTF's work, please contact:

Angela Christison
Strategy Director Pork & APTF Secretariat

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Last reviewed: 01 Mar 2021